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What is Dollar Clean Club?

Dollar Clean Club Products

Our mission is to make quality, eco-friendly cleaning products that are more convenient, less expensive, and less wasteful.

Our cleaning products are a little bit different. Instead of shipping out large bottles, which contain mostly water, we ship our products in tiny, concentrated SmartPacs®. These take up less space in warehouses and cost significantly less to transport—keeping overall costs down and reducing our carbon-footprint by saving on fuel.

With most other cleaning products, the refills have exactly the same volume as the original product being refilled—taking up just as much room in your cupboard and costing just as much to ship as the full product. By using our patented SmartPacs®, we can ship out refills quickly and efficiently—and they take up very little room on your shelves!

We also manufacture and distribute all our own products, which further enables us to keep the cost down.